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Most pictures were taken with a Minolta Riva Zoom 140 EX on Fuji or Kodak films for color slides.
Later they were transfered to a Kodak Photo-CD.
The resolution shown here is not the maximum resolution of Kodak Photo-CDs.

1.Day, 12.May 2001 (no pictures)
2.Day, 13.May 2001 Waiting for the ferry Leaving the continent Playing with GPS handheld
3.Day, 14.May 2001 Shooting a rope Disinfectant mats Warning sign
Short break Tents and tarp
4.Day, 15.May 2001 Ferry Dunoon-Gourock Castle Inveraray Uwe's favourite place
Manfred Cold dinner
5.Day, 16.May 2001 Ham'n eggs Fish'n chips Campground
Sound of Kerrera Thinking
6.Day, 17.May 2001 Hungry bird Old cemetry Kilmartin Stone circle Kilmartin
Schlaggo Nap at the beach Kilbrannan Sound
Lighthouse Saddell Bay Southend Instant barbecue
Night falling
7.Day, 18.May 2001 Allee Glen Coe Castle Dunstaffnage
8.Day, 19.May 2001 Disinfectant bath Instructions Nice trees Glen Nevis
Inverscaddle Bay Salmon pipeline Salmon packaging
Lambs Kinlochmoidart
9.Day, 20.May 2001 Rogie Falls Beach Achrahaird Manfred at passing place
Loch More
10.Day, 21.May 2001 Kitchen Castle Eilean Donan Old Man of Storr, Isle of Skye Museum of Island Life
Loch Harport Cuillin Hills Grip
11.Day, 22.May 2001 Breakfast Hiking Glen Affric
Big tree Cold bath Cold water
12.Day, 23.May 2001 Loch Luichart Torridon Jumping salmons
Highland cattle Applecross Road Fisher boat
Bike and yacht Bealach-Na-Ba Ice cream in Kishorn
Eilean Donan
13.Day, 24.May 2001 A quick tea Computer store Washing day
14.Day, 25.May 2001 Glenfiddich Distillery Whiskey barrels Cooper at work
15.Day, 26.May 2001 Steam Train River Avon Marching pipers, Castle Blair
Child wearing kilt Preparing the canon Ruthfan Barracks
Ruthfan Barracks Torsten writing his diary
16.Day, 27.May 2001 Coastline Big lighthouse lenses Lighthouse Fraserburgh
Lighthouse stairs
17.Day, 28.May 2001 Hike Glen More Dinner Evening activities
18.Day, 29.May 2001 On the road Ochil Hills
19.Day, 30.May 2001 (no pictures)
20.Day, 31.May 2001 Stirling Castle Wallace's sword Forest around Wallace Monument
Colored garden Ferry station Loch Katrine
21.Day, 1.June 2001 View Knockhill to Stirling
22.Day, 2.June 2001 Nail in tyre 'learning driver' Uwe Leaving the island
Manfred in sunset Waves
23.Day, 3.June 2001 (no pictures)
24.Day, 4.June 2001 Worn out tyre

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