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Participants: Uwe Betzin, Yamaha XJ600, Heidelberg, Germany
Manfred Handschuher (Handi), BMW K1200 RS, Speyer, Germany
Torsten Metzner, Honda XRV750 Africa Twin, Paderborn, Germany
Rolf Schlagenhaft (Schlaggo), Triumph 900 Sprint, München, Germany
Time: 12.5.2001 - 4.6.2001, detailed diary
Route: In total, the tour was approx. 6300km (3900mi).
The following applies for the map: Copyright © Route 66 Geographic Information Systems B.V.
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Transportation: Mainly motorcycle, ferry Ijmuiden-Newcastle, ferry Gourock-Dunoon, ferry Newcastle-Ijmuiden, car train Düsseldorf-München
Printed material: Map: Kümmerly+Frey Großbritannien 9 - Schottland 1:300000, ISBN 3-259-01358-X
Guide: Reise Know-How Schottland, ISBN3-89416-621-5
Cartoon: Haynes, The Ogri Collection, ISBN 1-85960-616-4
Fuel economy: 5,47 l/100km (51,6 mpg UK), 98 octan unleaded
Weather: Lots of sunny days, only a few days with "typical British" weather
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