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Route: 473km, 294mi

Tonight, the sea was rather stormy and the waves were high. There were a lot of pale passengers. Thanks to my sailing trips with Manfred, I had no such problems.

In the morning we arrived in Ijmuiden (GPS waypoint IJMUID). It was intersting to watch the pilot trying to get from the little pilot boat onto our ferry. There was a big relative movement between the two boats. The pilot had to wait for a good moment to step over and then do a quick jump without hestitating.

After leaving the ferry, I inspected my rear tyre. Now I was sure that I wouldn't make it to Munich with it. But perhaps I could drive to Worms with Manfred. In Worms, there was a big motorcycle party on this weekend and perhaps I'd find somebody from Munich with a trailer to take me home.

But first, we said Bye to Torsten and drove to Eindhoven for a quick visit to my aunt there. Looking again to my tyre, I even doubted to get to Worms now. But my aunt had another idea: There are car trains from Düsseldorf to Munich. I booked one for the next day by phone. After having some coffee and cake, we left again. Near Düsseldorf, I waved goodbye to Manfred and Uwe and left the Autobahn.

In Düsseldorf, I found a place to stay for the night near the railway station. Before going to bed, I drove to a gas station and filled up the air of my rear tyre for the last time. It was already losing air over time rather quickly and I didn't want to take the risk of having no air in the morning, when the train was leaving.

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