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Route: 275km, 171mi (GPS track)

When we were leaving the camp site this morning, I recognized, that Manfred's rear tyre did not have enough air pressure. I suggested that we stop at the first gas station and check. It turned out that the problem was caused by a nail sticking in his tyre (first picture). Fortunately, Manfred knew how to patch the hole with a repair kit.

In the meantime, Torsten and I realized our plan of playing Uwe a trick. We wanted to stick a "Learning Driver" sign to Uwe's motorcycle. The problem was: Uwe was sitting on his bike and there was no way of getting him off. So we had to be very careful. While Torsten was distracting Uwe by discussing our route to Newcastle, I gently pressed the sign onto the back of his motorcycle. It worked. I immediately had to leave the place again because I started giggling. Meanwhile, Manfred's tyre was okay and we left. On the road, I took some pictures of Uwe (second picture). We had lots of fun behind him for at least 70 miles. When we stopped to have some fish and chips, Uwe saw it. He was angry with us only for a short moment. Then he even decided to keep the sign in place. He said he'd take it home as a nice souvenir.

Nail in tyre 'learning driver' Uwe

On our way to Newcastle (GPS waypoint NEWCAS) we passed our last rain showers in Scotland. We drove very carefully because of Manfred's fixed tyre and my completely worn out tyre. At some places along the circumference of my tyre, the steel threads were already visible.

When we arrived in Newcastle (GPS waypoint NEWCAS), the weather was good again. There was not much time left before we were allowed to drive onto the ferry. Finally we were leaving Scotland. The island disappeared in a nice stormy (8 beaufort) sunset.

Leaving the island Manfred in sunset Waves

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