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Route: 190km, 118mi (GPS track)

Manfred and Uwe again left early. Torsten and I at first wanted to visit one of the weaving-mills west of Blairlogie. But there wasn't much to see, only souvenir shops and boutiques. Castle Campbell (GPS waypoint CAMPBE) was our next stop. Then I discovered the race track of Knockhill (GPS waypoint KNOCKH) on my map. Unfortunately, nothing was happening there and the weather was bad (picture). Mercedes-Benz had a special event, but they all had lunch when we were there - no racing. And we couldn't find David Coultard ;-)

View Knockhill to Stirling

Next stop was some miles in front of Dunblane. I spotted a restaurants "Sheriffmuir Inn" beside the road where we had lunch. Compared to the other restaurant we've been so far, it had something of an exclusive touch. Our conversation was about Torsten's and my work. I had the impression, that our minds were already preparing for our return to work in some days. Then we drove to the Trossachs (GPS waypoint TROSCH), where we had been at the beginning of our holidays already. But the weather kept us from having fun on the bikes, so we returned to Blairlogie.

In the evening, we all had lunch together in Stirling. Later we turned our plan from Grantown-on-Spey into reality: We left Uwe alone in the pub while he was in the restroom. Doing so, we forced him to not only talk to us about the girls in the pub, but actually start talking to them. He stayed out till late at night. Manfred was already a little nervous and felt guilty. I think Manfred was a little bit afraid that Uwe might be angry. I didn't care. I was sure that Uwe would enjoy the evening. I was only curious about what Uwe did. But I think that I'll never find out.

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