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Route: 148km, 92mi (GPS track)

When I got up in the morning, Uwe and Manfred already had left for a tour. I don't know where they went. Since the weather was not really inviting to go for a ride, I decided to get a hair cut in Blairlogie (GPS waypoint BLAIRL). Last year in the Pyrenees it was such a nice experience - a real old Spanish shop. But this time, it was just a normal hairdresser's shop. When I returned to the camp site, Torsten also had left to get a spare part for his broken indicator.

So I visited Wallace monument alone (GPS waypoint WALLAC). It's a tower erected as a memorial for Sir Wallace, who fought for the rights of Scotland against Britain. The tower can only be accessed by walking up a hill (first picture). Wallace's sword (or a remake of it) is on display on one of the floors of the tower (second picture). Although the top platform was closed because of heavy wind, it was possible to get a nice view to Stirling Castle through some of the windows (third picture). On each floor of the tower there was a little exhibition about Scottish history.

Next, I went to Stirling Castle (GPS waypoint STIRLI) and joined a guided tour there. I was under constant observation of a Norwegian school class of girls. Probably the were wondering, why a biker is interested in Scottish history. In contrast to them, I was not forced to go there by a teacher.

Forest around Wallace Monument Wallace's sword Stirling Castle

On my way back to the camp ground, I bought half a chicken for lunch in an Asian take-away shop. Driving back, I met Torsten on the street. He also bought something to eat and we had lunch together. We talked until "tea time". But there was no tea, so we had coffee and cake.

When it became colder and uncomfortable at the table in front of the tents, I decided to go for a ride to Loch Lomond - this time approaching from the east. On my way there I passed a car and didn't see the big bump some meters further. I was going rather fast from overtaking when I drove over it and lost ground. I flew for about 5 meters and touched down just in time to get the next curve. Puh, what an adrenaline kick!

Colored garden Ferry station Loch Katrine

Near Loch Ard there were some nice gardens along the road (fourth picture). I think, the people on the British island need such colorful gardens as a compensation for the usually bad weather here. Maybe it helps. The last picture was taken at the ferry station at Stronachlachar on Lake Katrine (GPS waypoint KATRIN).

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