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Route: 175km, 109mi (GPS track)

This was my maintenance day. I drove to a garage in Edinburgh (GPS waypoint EDICAS) to get a new chain. When I left, it had some light rain and the others didn't seem to be very motivated. None of them had decided yet where to go. I used the motorway to get to Edinburgh fast. For the first time, I tried just to follow the sign posts without looking on the map. This was a bad idea. I didn't know - and still don't know - the difference between normal markers like "M8" and the ones in brackets like "(M8)". However, finally I reached the suburbs of Edinbugh. It was an easy task finding the garage then, because I had that GPS waypoint from Germar (GPS waypoint 2WHEEL). I just followed the display of my GPS device and my instinct concerning the ordering of one way streets.

I left my bike at the dealer and changed clothes to go to town by bus. When I was waiting for the bus, heavy rain started. Therefore, no pictures of Edinburgh, sorry. I'd already been here some years ago on a scientific conference, so I roughly knew where to go. First I just walked and looked around in Newtown and around the Castle (GPS waypoint EDICAS). In one of the shops there I bought a belt for my trousers. It seemed, that I had lost some weigth on our trip, because my Jeans were too loose. Perhaps I should write a book "Three-Weeks-Motorcycling-in-Scotland-Diet". Don't get me wrong, I liked the food here. I also liked the lunch in the restaurant "Last Drop" at Grassmarket. I had an appointment with Germar Schloz there to say thanks for his help with selecting a good motorcycle garage. It would have been a hard job to find a garage in the countryside on my own. I hadn't seen a single one.

At half past five I came back to the motorcycle dealer "2wheels" (GPS waypoint 2WHEEL) by bus and payed for my new chain. Meanwhile the sun came out again and I took the correct motorway to get back to Blairlogie. Ah, what a relief having a new chain and being able to have the throttle FWO and to feel the power of the bike again. But the next problem soon came up: Not much rubber left on my tyres after all the miles on rough Britsh tar.

When I came back to the camp ground, all the bikes were standing in front of the tents, but nobody was in sight. I unloaded my bike and suddenly heard some beeps in Manfred's tent. Ah, he was there playing with his Psion palmtop computer. He didn't know where the others were. He made a little statement of displeasure about the fact that everybody went his own way today. Torsten had decided to go to Glasgow by train and Uwe was driving around alone, too. Well, I had no problem with this. Last year in the Pyrenees, there were also subgroups and drivers going for day trips on their own. It's even more fun in the evening then, when everybody has something different to tell.

Manfred and I drove to Stirling for lunch then. We left a little note at the tents telling Uwe and Torsten where we went. After dinner, I read a Scottish newspaper. The end of holiday was approaching and it was time to get informed about the rest of the world again. The atmosphere in the pub in the early evening was the right one for reading. After a while, Trosten and Uwe called us to get exact instructions on how to find us. When we were together again, I had the impression that Manfred's mood got better again.

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