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Route: 222km, 138mi (GPS track)

My plan for today was to drive to the garage in Edinburgh alone in order to get a new chain and later meet the others near Stirling after their tour. Uwe and Manfred planned a castle tour. This seemed to be too ambitious for Torsten. He let the others go and joined me. Shortly before we left, I gave the dealer in Edinburgh a call. He said, if we're still in Grantown-on-Spey, it would be better to come tomorrow. Fine with me. So Torsten and me had a lot of time today. We stopped more often as usual to take some photos (first picture).

On the way to Stirling, I nearly crashed into an empty trash can. The fast truck in front of me had blown it onto the narrow road. I managed to pass the trash can. After the shock I stopped and kicked the trash can off the road because it was directly behind a curve at a very dangerous position.

On the road Ochil Hills

In a little town (I think that it was Dunning, near the second picture) Torsten and I had lunch on the terrace of a nice restaurant. We had some smalltalk with a nice goodlooking waitress. It wasn't far to go to Blairlogie (GPS waypoint BLAIRL), our meeting point with Uwe and Manfred. After we had unloaded our bikes and built up the tents, the other two guys already arrived. The atmosphere between Uwe and Manfred seemed to be a little bit cold today. I think, they probably had a quarrel, but I didn't ask. After lunch I drove to Wallace monument and Stirling just for looking around a little bit. It turned out that Stirling was the first town with a reasonable number of pubs that we had seen in days. So I drove back to Blairlogie to pick up the others to have some beers in town. Uwe and Manfred joined, Torsten rather continued to write his diary. He probably was way behind with his writing.

This evening I reflected a little bit on the different characters of my friends and who might have the same idea of making holidays as I would. Well, Uwe is ten years younger than me and the overlap between his and my interests is rather limited. But he's good for teasing, joking about - hehe. And Manfred turned out to be too restless for me. It's hard to relax beeing on tour with him. He seems to be different compared to our trip through Norway some years ago. Or am I different? And Torsten is sometimes a little bit slow, not on the bike, but off the bike. But I would rather wait for somebody sitting on my packed bike than the other way round. But all of them are okay. You just have to handle all of them differently. And finally, life would be rather boring, if we were all the same.

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