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Route: 372km, 231mi (GPS track)

Yesterday, Torsten and I had already decided to go for a hike this day. During breakfast Uwe and Manfred said they'd join us. In order to preserve a little bit of my chain, I rode with Torsten to the starting point.

But first we visited the Osprey (Seeadler) Park at Loch Garten (GPS waypoint EAGLE). In the trees one of the remaining 140 osprey couples in Scotland lives. The birds are observed constantly to protect them from any harm by criminals. There was a little hut about 200m away from the tree. The visitors could watch the couple and their chicks through binoculars and by a transmitted video image. It was rather interesting. When we arrived, the nest was only occupied by the mother and two chicks. But we were told that the father brings some fish every few hours and he'd soon arrive again. Manfred and Uwe didn't have enough patience and interest in the rare birds. They left and started the hike on their own. Torsten and I finally saw the father arrive but with no fish.

We also left and proceeded to the railway line between Boat of Garten and Aviemore to see once more the steam train at full speed. Next we drove up to the parking of the Cairngorm Ski Area. There a short message arrived on my mobile phone. Manfred was telling us, that they already had reached the summit. Unfortunately, we didn't know exactly which way they took. So we just chose one and started walking up the mountains (first picture). But after 20 minutes it started to rain and the sky became rather cloudy. So we decided to return. On the way down to Coylumbridge, we again joined Manfred and Uwe in the tea room of a visitor's centre. In one of the curves going down from the mountains, Torsten touched the ground with one of his aluminium boxes. Two guys like Torsten and I are definitely too heavy for an Africa Twin.

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On our way back to the camp ground, we stopped at a tourist information office. The others went in, while I was taking a little nap outside on a bank. As a joke, the others moved away their bikes without making any noise. When I opened my eyes, the others were gone and I had no idea how long I had slept. And even worse: Today, I did not have my own bike! I soon found the others behind the next corner with smiles all over their faces.

Back in Grantown-on-Spey (GPS waypoint GRANSP), the weather was dry again and we all were very hungry. So we went shopping and cooked a full meal consisting of: 1. vegetable soup, 2. haddock with potatoes and vegetables (second picture), 3. choclate cake and tea. Later on I had to laugh a lot because first Manfred and Uwe had a little fight in which Uwe fell against his bike and became a thick swelling on his head. Even his cooling didn't help (second picture). And second, Torsten started to cut his diary to a different size (also third picture). He couldn't explain, why. Well, he's a mathematician, this explains all. In the evening and at night it became rather stormy. Manfred as an experienced sailor told us that it had 7 beaufort. But luckily our tents withstood the storm.

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