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Route: 283km, 176mi (GPS track)

Having my chain in mind, I warned everybody, that I would only drive with limited power today, keeping the force on my chain within certain limits. Nobody complained - fine! Germar Schloz, who had looked for a Triumph dealer in Edinburgh for me yesterday, today sent a short message to my mobile phone with the GPS coordinates of the dealer - great! Modern technology at its best. Then we started towards Fraserburgh (GPS waypoint FRASER). On our way we met a lot of nice oldtimers. Later on I read that there was a vintage festival on that weekend somewhere. Along the coastal road we had some nice views to the sea (first picture) until we finally arrived at the Lighthouse Museum in Fraserburgh (second picture, GPS waypoint FRASER).

Coastline Lighthouse Fraserburgh

In a second building beside the lighthouse, there is a little museum which has a nice exhibition of old and new lighthouse technology. The different lens systems on display were most impressive (third picture). The lenses extend the visibility of a 250W light bulb to 25km (15mi)! After visiting the exhibition we joined a guided tour led by a former maintainer of lighthouses. He was able to tell a lot of interesting stories. Yes, Heiko Eckenreiter's and Andrea Hund's recommendation to come here was correct. The guide also showed us all the mechanics of a lighthouse, for example the long chain in the centre of the tower holding the weights needed for the rotation of the heavy lens system (fourth picture). It basically works like an old mechanical clock. After the tour we again had some tea and cookies. Before driving home again, we watched out for dolphins for a while. We were told that they mostly show up at that particular time of day. But we didn't see any.

Big lighthouse lenses Lighthouse stairs

On our way back, it started raining heavily. Those weather conditions made my chain rattle terribly. Bad sign! Back in Grantown-on-Spey (GPS waypoint GRANSP) I again had to adjust it. The chain was really at its end. Beside the rain, the wind started to blow stronger. It was not possible to build up Manfred's tarp to protect us from the rain. So we decided to go to town for dinner. We walked down the main road of Grantown and up again, but found no restaurant meeting our wishes. Beside that, most of them took no orders any more (8:30pm). Manfred was sick of looking around so long and rushed into the supermarket, bought something and went back to his tent to cook it. Torsten, Uwe and I finally went to a little Chinese fish'n chips shop. Luckily, the rain had stoped. So we enjoyed our snack on a bank on the main place of Grantown. We had some discussions about Manfred and his behaviour. But we came to no real conclusion. When we came back to the tents, Manfred was playing around with his Psion palm computer and everything seemed to be okay - fine.

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