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Route: 335km, 208mi (GPS track)

This was the day of the yearly parade at Blair Castle (GPS waypoint BLAIRC). But first, we went to Boat of Garten (GPS waypoint BOATGT). We were told, that there is an old steam train running there. We came there just minutes before it left. From a nearby bridge I took a photo of the machine just when the driver was opening the fire hole for a moment (first picture). I like old machines running rather than just being on display in a museum. On our way then to Blair Castle we passed river Avon in even brighter sunshine than yesterday (second picture).

Steam Train River Avon

At Castle Blair (GPS waypoint BLAIRC) we had much time left until the parade began. We used it to find a place on the lawn with a good view to the place in front of the castle. We had a little snack and nap there in the sun. Then the music began and the pipe majors marched in (third picture). The whole ceremony then lasted about an hour, I think. It was funny to watch such old traditions survive - like the steam train. There was even a little boy running around in a kilt carrying the patterns and colors of the Blair clan. The salute fired by a cannon was rather loud (fifth picture). By the way, this is the last remaining private army in the United Kingdom. We did not visit the castle after the parade, because it was completely crowded. Instead we had same tea and cake in the bright sun on the terrace of the little tea room nearby.

Marching pipers, Castle Blair Child wearing kilt Preparing the canon

On our way back from Castle Blair we shortly visited the Ruthven Barracks (GPS waypoint RUTHVE). It was just a military base in former times, not a castle or something special. But the ruins are nice to walk through and look at (sixth and seventh picture). Back on the camp site, Manfred, Uwe and Torsten started cooking, while I was adjusting my chain. I had to do so already for the second time on this trip and the chain exceeded already its maximum length. I was a little bit worried with some stories about broken chains and wrecked motorcycles in mind. Manfred gave me the phone number of Germar Schloz, a guy from the German newsgroup de.rec.motorrad and who lived in Edinburgh at that time. He helped me to locate a dealer in Edinburgh who could mount a new chain on my bike, when we'd go there in some days. The last picture shows Torsten writing his diary at night. It's not really fun writing a diary, but otherwise I couldn't type this into my computer now and you couldn't read it now.

Ruthfan Barracks Ruthfan Barracks Torsten writing his diary

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