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Route: 135km, 84mi (GPS track)

We dedicated this day to whiskey. We drove along River Avon to Dufftown to visit Glenfiddich distillery (GPS waypoint GLENFI). The road we chose had closed gates every several kilometers. But because we were driving in a group, this was an easy game: the leading driver stopped, opened the gate and let the others pass. At the next gate it was the next leading driver's task to open and close the gate. So we proceeded much faster than it would have been possible sitting all in one vehicle. Basically, the gates were real fun: Watching the others pass at 60mph or more at a distance of two or three feet - vroooom.

Well, finally the game was over at the last gate and we arrived in Dufftown. We took the guided tour in German which consisted of an introductory film, a tour through the factory (first picture), a short visit in a stock room (second picture), to the bottling machine and finally a bar where we could taste the whiskey. Since we all were drivers, we didn't taste it but organized some little free sample bottles. Unfortunately, there was no production today because it was nearly the week end. The advantage was, that we were allowed to take photos, which is not possible during the week.

Glenfiddich Distillery Whiskey barrels Cooper at work

After a picnic, we drove to Craigllachie. There we visited another factory no less important for the whiskey industry as the distilleries: Speyside Cooperage Barrel Factory (GPS waypoint BARREL). Again there was a film and an exhibition about the history and technical details of barrel production. At the end of the tour it was possible to watch the craftsmen at work (third picture). It's a hard job and it's nearly the same as hundered years ago. But nowadays, no new barrels are produced here any more. Only old barrels are repaired. But to do so, the barrels have to be taken apart and put together again completely. So it's still possible to see the main steps of barrel production. We had also an interesting talk with one of the guides about social security and welfare in Scotland. The conditions are much more difficult here than in Germany.

We came back to Grantown-on-Spey (GPS waypoint GRANSP) late afternoon. We had some fish'n chips for lunch and went to the local pub for the rest of the evening. Uwe was fascinated by some young girls there, but we couldn't convince him to go and talk to them. Manfred, Torsten and me, all much older than Uwe, had real fun making jokes about Uwe all evening - poor guy! Finally we all left and Uwe still had those girls in mind. He talked about them all the way back to the tents. Story will be continued.

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