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Route: 117km, 73mi (GPS track)

Today we left Beauly (GPS waypoint BEAULY) and moved to Grantown-on-Spey (GPS waypoint GRANSP). We came back to the more populated part of Scotland. While the others decided where to go, I was elected as the one doing the navigation today. I didn't select the main raod to Grantown-on-Spey, but again some nice single track roads. We again couldn't complain about Scottish weather - blue skies.

We soon arrived in Grantown-on-Spey (GPS waypoint GRANSP). The camp site we had selected was a rather luxurious one. After having some cake and tea or coffee (first picture), we did the laundry (second picture), which had been overdue for days - at least in my case. While waiting for the washing machine, I discovered some seabirds running around between the tents and caravans. I watched them a little closer and even saw some of their little chicks running around and even their nests between the tents. Now I understood why the bird parents were running around so excitedly. They were afraid of loosing their eggs and chicks. Stupid birds - raising chicks on a campground.

A quick tea Washing day Computer store

Later, Manfred and I strolled around a little while in town with our bikes. We discovered this nice one-and-only high tech shop on the main road (third picture). Between town and the surrounding fields the road crossed some golf drives. We watched and talked to some players. Golf really seems to be a very popular leisure activity here in Great Britain. It doesn't have the same prestige that it does on the continent. It seems to be everbody's acitvity. Back in town we visited a tourist office. We learned about the parade at Castle Blair, which I had read about in my guide book. This year's parade was the coming Saturday. We decided to go there. The rest of the day, we just hung around and had some beers.

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