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Route: 332km, 206mi (GPS track)

Today we built two groups going in different directions. Torsten and I wanted to go to Applecross road (GPS waypoint APPLEC), which we had missed some days ago, while Manfred and Uwe drove to Durness, one of the northernmost towns of Scotland. Torsten and I made a lot of stops today enjoying many nice views, like Loch Luichart in the first picture. At one of our stops, I detected that rubber fuzz had rubbed off my rear tyre. The British roads are really rough. But maybe the fuzz was caused by not having enough air pressure in my tyre. But in this part of Scotland it's really hard to find a gas station - the next I one found was in Kinlochewe (second picture) but it had no air filling station - well, let's drive on, who cares.

Loch Luichart Torridon

Then we came to Applecross Road. We again saw salmon basins in the sea like some days before. But this time the salmons jumped out of the water (third picture). It looked like they were as happy about the weather as we were. Later we met some Highland cattle on the road (fourth picture). I stopped to look at them. It seemed that they were looking at me, too, but I couldn't see their eyes - really strange. The sky was absolutely blue today - no white or even grey. So we were able to enjoy a great view over the sea to Isle of Skye (fifth picture), where we had been some days before. The sea was as calm as a lake (sixth picture).

Jumping salmons Highland cattle Applecross Road Fisher boat

In the village Applecross itself (GPS waypoint APPLEC) we had lunch. I took a Haddock, a typical scottish meal, I was told. I liked it. Because we had much time today, we took the little dead end road to the harbour in Toscaig (seventh picture). While taking the picture I received a short message on my mobile phone from Manfred and Uwe, who just had arrived in Durness. On the pass to Kishorn, we had another great view (eighth picture). In Kishorn itself I saw a tea room which was selling ice cream today because of the good weather. It was a must to stop there and have some ice cream (ninth picture). Taking the southern alternative to drive back to Beauly, we again passed castle Eilean Donan (GPS waypoint EILEAN) - this time in bright sunshine (tenth picture).

Bike and yacht Bealach-Na-Ba Ice cream in Kishorn Eilean Donan

On our way back to Beauly, Torsten and I again switched motorcycles for a while. Since the road was rather straight, I soon recognized the difference of 38hp between my Sprint and Torsten's Africa Twin. Fortunately, Torsten didn't drive too fast, so I was able to follow him.

At Loch Ness it happened the second and last time, that I drove on the wrong side of the road. This time it was indirectly caused by a little construction site on the road. Our track was closed and we had to switch to the right side. When the construction site ended, I didn't remember that I was in Great Britain and just accelerated as usual - until I saw a car and a motorcycle driving towards me and the motorcycle overtaking on the "wrong" side. Ooops, I switched lane quickly.

Castle Urquhart (GPS waypoint URQUHA) unfortunately was closed. As compensation, we took the little single track road at Abriachan to go back to Beauly (GPS waypoint BEAULY). The evening sun created nice colors in the woods. We even met some deer, which we chased down along the road for a while. Back in Beauly we went shopping for dinner. By chance we met Uwe and Manfred in front of the supermarket. Everybody was happy with the tour he had made that day. It had payed off to go different directions without long discussions or anger.

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