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Route: 106km, 66mi (GPS track)

This morning was so beautiful and we had driven so many miles during the last days that I spontaneously suggested to go for a hike today instead of driving. Everybody agreed but nobody had an idea where to go. So we had breakfast first (first picture), packed our rucksacks, drove to the next gas station and bought a local hiking map. There we studied the map and decided to go to Glen Affric.

Breakfast Hiking

At the parking near Loch Beinn a Mheadhoin, we took off our leather clothes and put on our hiking shoes. Manfred, Uwe and Torsten locked away their clothes in the boxes mounted to their motorcycles. But I had none. So I put my leather into a bag and threw in into the woods several hundred feet away. I was sure nobody would find or take it away from there.

Glen Affric Big tree

It turned out that we could read road maps quite well but not new hiking maps. The little black lines, which we thought were normal ways, turned out to be wild trails which seemed to be unused for years. We had some navigational problems and there was nobody to ask. So we more or less guessed which direction to take. My GPS device helped us a little bit. We only met two women all day who couldn't help us because they were only waiting for their husbands. One of them thought I was Irish because of my red hair. The ways got narrower and narrower. Finally, we had the impression that we were using an animal trail because the branches of the trees were only broken to 50cm above ground. After running out of drinks, we finally found our way back to the forest maintenance road. But there was still a long way back to the parking lot. Finally we had hiked 20km (13mi) today. Manfred even ruined his shoes. He had lost the sole on the last 2km.

Cold bath Cold water

Before driving home, we first took a bath in the little ice-cold river near the parking lot (last two pictures). Believe me, it was really cold. I only went in there because the others did and I thought I would regret not having been in there back home again. We came back to the camp site at sun set. I prepared "Kaiserschmarrn" (a typical Austrian hiker's meal) for dinner. We soon crawled into our sleeping bags.

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