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Route: 357km, 222mi (GPS track)

The first stop on today's tour was Rogie Falls (GPS waypoint ROGIE), some little waterfalls near Strathpepper - nice, but not really spectacular (first picture). The second stop again was a waterfall: Falls of Measach (GPS waypoint MEASAC). This one was more interesting. The water had carved a deep gorge into the landscape. Unfortunately, it wasn't possible to take a full picture of it with my simple camera. Then we continued to the Atlantic coast at Enard Bay (GPS waypoint ENARD), where we made a little picnic and a walk on the beach (second picture) against Manfred's will, who wanted to continue driving.

Rogie Falls Beach Achrahaird

The way back via Unapool and Loch Shin was a really fast ride. The only thing which kept me from racing were all those sheep and lambs along the road and - even worse - in my mind. In Bonar Bridge we had a Pizza in a little pub which was a mixture between pub (bar and pinball machine) and living room (carpet, sofas) - really nice. It was well visited by young people.

Manfred at passing place Loch More

Back at the camp site in Beaully (GPS waypoint BEAULY)we spent the evening discussing different driving styles. My suggestion was to let Uwe lead tomorrow, because his driver's license was rather new and he lacked experience. In my opinion, it's basically fine driving behind more experienced drivers. But in Uwe's case I'd got the impression that he totally relied on the person in front of him. It was time for him to develop his own driving style. Manfred's opinion was totally different. He thought that Uwe should continue following him and adopting his driving style - no comment. We came to no conclusion. However, it was Uwe's decision.

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