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Route: 383km, 238mi (GPS track)

Today, Manfred was our guide. He selected roads which were marked as scenic roads on the map - no castles today. In the morning, there was some rain. The road was wet all the way down to Loch Lomond. The first picture shows today's first sun rays during a little picnic at the southern end of Loch Lomond.

Allee Glen Coe Castle Dunstaffnage

On our way back north through the Trossachs (GPS waypoint TROSCH), Manfred drove faster and faster. At some point, I recognized that I wasn't seeing anything of Scotland any more, but only the street flying past me. I slowed down. After a while, Torsten caught up and made a sign with his hands saying: "What's up, why so slow, does your bike have a problem?". I replied with a gesture: "No, just looking around." Torsten's smile showed me that he totally agreed with my decision. Some miles later, we stopped at a parking lot and decided to test how long it would take until Manfred recognizes that we are missing. Well, it lasted quite a while. I think, he was a little bit angry with us for stopping.

Later on, we drove through Glen Coe, a really baren landscape (second picture). The lack of trees made the wind even more aggressive there. The northernmost point of today's trip was Kinlochleven, where we again stopped to have a little picnic on a gravel bank near the water.

The last picture shows Castle Dunstaffnage (GPS waypoint DUNSTA). It's one of the spots that Manfred missed because he was too focused on driving. Back in Germany, he asked me "Hey, where was this?" when he saw the picture.

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