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Route: 97km, 60mi (GPS track)

The night has been rather cold, so we needed a good breakfast for giving us power for the day. We prepared ham and eggs. But before that, we had to build up the tarp once again, because it was raining.

Ham'n eggs

The weather didn't invite us to big tours today, so I proposed to visit the Cruachan Power station: A water reservoir power station with a pump/generator combination for times of peak energy comsumption (GPS waypoint POWERS). The exhibition and guided tour were rather interesting. The pumps and generators reside deep in the mountain below the reservoir lake. A shuttle bus drives through a tunnel to bring the visitors to the big generator hall. It was the size of a soccer field and was 38m high. After its construction in 1964 it held the world record for the biggest unsupported artificial cave for several years.

When we came out of the power station, it had stopped raining. We drove back to Oban via Glen Lonan. The road was still wet, narrow and with lots of animals - not ideal conditions for motorcycling, but a nice glen anyway.

In Oban we arrived too late for visiting Oban Distillery (GPS waypoint OBANDS), so we went shopping and had fish 'n chips in the sun at the peer.

Fish'n chips

We spent the rest of the day being lazy at the camp site (GPS waypoint OBAN).

Campground Sound of Kerrera Thinking

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