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Route: 444km, 276mi (GPS track)

The weather continued to be cloudy with some light rain like yesterday. No sun, but also no heavy rain, just as I expected for British weather. You put on your rain coat in the morning even if it doesn't rain, because you can be sure, that it will rain during the day - and then you don't want to stop, but just continue driving. On our way north, we took the ferry between Gourock (GPS waypoint GOURCK) and Dunoon (first picture, 6.25 £, GPS waypoint DUNOON). When we were waiting for the ferry, the man behind us got out of his car, looked at our license plates and started talking with us. He gave us tips where to go and even invited us to visit him at the end of our trip in two weeks in Stirling for a cup of coffee. It turned out, that he came to Scotland from Germany 30 years ago and never went back. Later we passed Castle Inveraray (second picture, GPS waypoint INVERA). Manfred didn't want to pay the price to visit it (5,50 £), so we only made a short break there.

Ferry Dunoon-Gourock Castle Inveraray

Uwe made a mistake when packing his luggage in Germany. He thought he had to minimize his luggage for a motorcycle holiday. Well, basically, that's true, but he did a too good job: one of his cases was empty. So we just decided, that he had to carry all our food all the time - hehe (third picture).
Around Lock Awe and Lock Avich we drove on single-track roads for the first time. A car and a motorcycle can pass easily in most situations. But if there are two cars one of them has to wait at a so-called passing place. There are passing places every 100-200m. Around Loch Avich we got the first impressions of a typical lonely, stony, wet, Scottish countryside.

Uwe's favourite place Manfred

In the evening, we found a very nice camp ground south of Oban (GPS waypoint OBAN) There was a huge, calm meadow for tents with only one tent on it so far. We placed our tents on the opposite side. Again, it seemed, that we were the first tourists this year. In order to fight the cold, we cooked Chilli con Carne for dinner this evening.

Cold dinner

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