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Route: 309km, 192mi (GPS track)

In the morning, the ferry arrived in Newcastle upon Tyne (GPS waypoint NEWCAS). So we reached England, but not yet Scotland. It was interesting to observe, how the ship was fixed at the peer. A thin rope was attached to the ends of all thick ropes. At the end of the thin rope, there was a little ball, which was shot to the peer by an air pressure gun (see first picture). The guys at the peer then took the thin rope and towed the thick ones to the peer. I had never seen this before.

Shooting a rope

After leaving the ferry, we immediately headed towards Scotland following Hadrians's Wall (GPS waypoint HADWLL). For several miles we could observe it along the road. Sometimes you only could visualize it by the form of the landscape. Sometimes, there were some real fragments of it. After some shopping, we had our first picnic. When we left the main road and entered a little parking lot, we had to drive over disinfectant mats against the spreading of foot and mouth disease, which was a big problem for Great Britain in 2001.

Disinfectant mats Warning sign

Later on, the unavoidable happened: after turning, I entered the new road on the wrong side. I was lucky, that I was not alone and Manfred warned me from behind by honking his horn. This lesson helped me to avoid the same situation for nearly the whole tour. It only happened again on day 12 of our trip, but that's a different story. In my opinion, the most dangerous situation for us from the continent is turning right. We are used to only looking to the left when we turn right, because we don't have to cross any other lane doing so. It's different here. When turning right, you cross the lane of the traffic coming from the right. Watch out!

Short break

In the afternoon we arrived in Patna (GPS waypoint PATNA) some miles south east of Ayr. After having lunch between our tents, we vistited the pub of the camp ground. It seemed, that we were the first tourists this year. We only met locals in the pub, who immidiately invited us for some Whiskeys. Nice people! If I imagine a Scotsman coming to Bavaria, I doubt, that he will immediately be invited to some beers, when he enters a Bavarian pub.

Tents and tarp

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