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Route: 529km, 329mi (GPS track)

For going to Amsterdam Manfred and Uwe wanted to use only the Autobahn in order to make sure, that we would reach the ferry in time. I didn't like the idea, because driving on the Autobahn ruins the tires by wearing them down only in the middle. But finally I was voted down. Well, the Netherlands doesn't offer many interesting roads either. Unfortunately Uwe's bike had only 34hp, so we could only go about 140km/h (85mph), which makes the Autobahn even more boring. In Ijmuiden, we met Torsten at the ferry harbour (GPS waypoint IJMUID). He came from Paderborn and just had arrived some minutes before. We spent the hours until departure in a little cafe having ice cream in expectation of a great holiday. Before the final boarding, I had a little nap on my bike.

Waiting for the ferry

Finally, we were allowed to drive onto the ferry. After fixing our bikes with some ropes we brought our luggage to our cabin and went on deck to watch the ferry manouvering out of the harbour and heading for Scotland. On the last picture you can see Manfred checking the course on my little GPS device.

Leaving the continent Playing with GPS handheld

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